Nicky’s wedding at the clock barn in Whitchurch

nikki wedding at clock barn

We are one of the preferred suppliers of Clock Barn in Whitchurch and this is where Nicky got married. I love this venue – it is a beautiful little barn in the middle of the countryside and it has the most beautiful gardens. You can dress the clock barn just how you want and it looks different every time. The food at clock barn is done by Galloping Gourmet and they do the most mouth-watering food that everybody raves about. They also has some beautiful cottages in which you and your guests can stay.

There is a getting ready room at Clock Barn but Nicky chose to get ready at Norton park just down the road.

Natasha had great fun getting Nicky and her bridal party ready for her wedding,  we started by painting Nickys nails with a stylish french polish for her. It is always great fun painting the bridal parties nails we normally do this the night before the wedding.

Nicky wanted herself and her bridesmaids to all look at natural as possible so we went for a natural look on all of them using colours that brought out their eye colours and using a natural lip on them all.

The bridesmaids all had buns, but each had a slightly different style that suited them perfectly. Nicky herself went for a half up half done style with a beautiful hair vine which was from Jon Richard. 

Norton park is a really lovely place to get ready in as they give you a big room to get ready in and there is plenty of space for big bridal parties and all the photographers.

Nicky had Dan Marhsall to take these beautiful pictures.



nikki wedding at clock barnnikki wedding at clock barnnikki wedding at clock barnnikki wedding at clock barnnikki wedding nikki wedding at clock barnnikki wedding at nikki wedding at clock barnnikki wedding

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